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The present world market introduces many washing and cleaning agents of different professional and household chemicals. The usage of these means generate a negative impact on health and environment. Despite the fact that counters are overfilled with immense amount of different washing products, as a matter of fact their basis and principles are the same.

The project mission is to offer alternative products which will give an opportunity to choose with what to clean and how. A human who take care of himself, environment and loves his children will choose the best.

Our company offer radically new products which are produced without aggressive and dangerous components. On the basis of our products we have developed new cleaning technologies that are safer for environment and are simple in use. We provide vigorous activity towards introduction of new products of ‘BIORAIN’ to international market in all spheres.

We take care of the world in which we live and which will be descendible for the future generations.


As a rule most part of washing products works on the principle of dissipation of contamination. Their washing qualities depend on aggressiveness and harmfulness of the product. They contain many harmful components. Thus, it is necessary to use aggressive and unsafe solution.

Everyday people clean offices and shops, hotels and means of transport, hospitals and health centers, schools and kindergartens and, of course, their homes.

‘BIORAIN’ products differ from other washing products. New safe nonaggressive washing base does not dissolve, but physically separate the dirt. It does not react with chemicals, does not deface and allow achieving an excellent result without using harm or acid components and aggressive additions.

Also we took advantage of nature power and created washing products with enzymes and probiotics. The products effectively clean organic dirt and try to tussle with pathogenic bacteria. It prevents disposal of germ diseases. This technology is patented and does not have any analogies in the world.

Nowadays these products became topical and are called ‘Probiotical agents’.


First product line


Professional washing products on fail-safe (for living tissue living, ecology and surfaces) base which work on separation principle instead of dissolution of different dirt. Products are divided into

- Alkaline influence,

- Acid influence.

Second product line:


Fail-safe separator + alive ferments of the 4th generation – for more effective cleaning of organic dirt (proteins, oils, carbohydrates, natural coloring agent etc.). Recommendations for both hand wash and machine washable.

Third product line:


Washing products that are fortified with probiotics bacteria which perfectly clean the surfaces restore natural microbiological balance and create stable microbial flora on the surfaces and in airside at the same time. These products effectively tussle with pathogenic bacteria and reducing the risk of transmission of infection, deactivating appearance of foul smells and it further emerging. There are no analogies in the world.

The usage of our products is not only high-performance fail-safe cleaning, but also care of the future: about the health and environment.



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