At the end of 80s, start of 90s years of past century mankind has realized all gravity and importance of ecological problems, which developed industrial society has to face. People have understood that ruthless pollution of biosphere is unacceptable. A considerable proportion in environment pollution was occupied and unfortunately is occupied by washing agents and disinfectants used by mankind in household, industry, transport and agriculture. Scientists have started searching for alternative to available today and applied in many respects till now washing agents and disinfectants. Since 1993 scientists created and tested new, ecologically safe washing agents and developed new approaches to disinfection. As a result of this work was occurrence of absolutely new substances on the basis of organic compounds, so called “safe (no chemical) dirt separators” and creation on their basis of Probitic washing agents. Based on these developments carried out by Ghent University for Microbiology, we created washing agents for solving the most different problems in household, industry, in transport and agriculture. We received European and international quality and safety certificates for our production and in 2007 started serial release of this Production.

At the moment the main goal of company «NANOPROTEC» is production and distribution of completely new, ecological and safe products for cleaning and disinfection in all spheres of human activity and implementation of new technologies, based on usage of these agents.

We constantly broaden our market space, expand range of our Clients. We continue development of new ecological and safe Products, which are designed to solve specific tasks set by our Clients. Company through its representatives operates in neighbouring countries, giving opportunity to our Clients to satisfy own needs in the fullest way. We are open to any offers for cooperation from people and companies, which are ready to take care for the world surrounding us.

Our motto is “WITH CARE OF FUTURE”. To us the world which we will leave in the inheritance to our children is not indifferent.


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