Why we have to wash with probiotics?


Let’s examine ordinary paving-tiles floor. Under cleaning procedures (with water, duster or washing agent) we wash out dust only from the surface of the tile. In the case if decontaminating agent materials are used, they operate on the surface of the tile, too. In order to imagine how it looks like, let’s fancy that you have to wash a room with drops as big as tennis ball. The surfaces that will have a contact with it will be clean; the rest will not get even wet. All angles and cuts will remain dirty where both inimical and beneficent bacteria and germs will be left and proliferate. We try to clean floors with the help of washing probiotics. We will not use aggressive chemicals, live steam or expensive high-pressure pumps for this purpose.

WASHING PROBIOTICS solve the following problems:
  • Deep purification of the floors
  • Floors do not slide
  • Strongly reduce pathogenic bacteria quantity
  • Remove foul smells
  • Decrease expenses on cleaning
Let’s examine simple floor.

Next picture presents an ordinary red tile floor. Bring to notice the fact that the places between tiles are grey. That means that they appear to be different kinds of mudding that consists of oil, fat, proteins, sugar etc. All these elements could be found in microscopic pinholes of the floor. Besides, the floor is coated with microscopic grey pellicle that is left after washing agents, dirt and bacteria.


Dilute 100 g of WASHING PROBIOTICS with 1 l of warm water. The solution contains about 636,000,000 (636 mn) bacteria.

Furthermore, washing agents include surface active agents which change water surface tension. Water becomes so fluid that it can get into both any micropinholes and between molecules of any dirt. This characteristic of out products is known as dust separation on molecular level. Probiotics with streaming water penetrate into micropinholes and start to work.

What happens when we use ‘washing probiotics’?

When we spray ‘washing probiotics’ they separate dirt from the floor so that it very simply to remove (fig.2).


Each several 636 mn bacteria ground on organic dirt molecule, distinguishes it and reproduce necessary enzymes which afterwards collapse molecule, thereby, preparing positive environment for bacteria.

When bacteria digested food it becomes bigger and starts to proliferate. This process will last till it will be enough food for bacteria.

During 6-12 hours bacterium which has found food for itself, proliferates and can create colony of megaunit. Even under such conditions a human cannot see them.

The first two days.

There are no particular visual changes during the first two days. However, you can feel fresh air in the room.

The second-third day.

Depending on temperature and food, colonies progressively germ and increase food consumption both threefold and fourfold every 24 hours during both the second and the third days. Some pathogenic bacterium have noticed lack of the food and stopped proliferate. Concurrent with this process foul smells begin to disappear.

You will recognize that the floor becomes brighter, slippery pellicle disappeared.

Out-of-the-way places

One of the most out-of-the-way places considered to be under chair and table. Nevertheless you will notice remarkable changes.

The end of the first week

You will recognize considerable changes in the end of the first week. Bacteria gained control over the surface and inside pinholes of the floor.


Germ colonies will grow till ‘microscopic’ incredibly big proportions. Pathogenic bacteria will diminish in size, some of them will pass to doze mode and stop to proliferate.

The floor will become fatless. Gradually original colour will return.

Foul smells will disappear, out-of-the-way places will become clean.

Final stage

You will really fell the difference and ‘washing probiotics’ effect. Germs are situated both on the surface and inside pinholes of the floor. In the case of lack of the food bacteria of the washing probiotics pass to doze mode and stay in this condition till positive environment for bacteria will appear.

As soon as germs will feel food they will become active.

The floor becomes to be self-cleaning.

  • There is no dirt in pinholes
  • Slippery pellicle disappeared
  • Less time and energy for cleaning
  • The effect is visually seen


Deep bacteriological purification effectiveness

We have learned to use natural power for organic dust disposal by means of new technologies. We combined washing products with probiotics.

When using washing probiotics as everyday washing product it lays the surface with positive bacteria. Washing probiotics continue to work after the cleaning process, too. During some minutes enzymes start to break up chains between the molecules of organic dust and cleaning surface. During hours positive bacteria begin to work taking food from pathogenic bacteria. Both the quantity of pathogenic bacteria and risk of contamination begin to diminish.

Originally washing probiotics were worked out for food manufacturing industry, where fat and other dirt take place. In course of time they role in home hygiene was appreciated.

One of washing probiotics advantages is removal of external layer of the floor.


WASHING PROBIOTICS are new way of washing products.

Whether the price of 44000 Belarusian rubbles per litre is expensive?

ДIt is necessary to cover both wall surface and floor surface with positive bacteria. For the first 4-7 days we have to dilute 100 g of washing probiotics with 1 l water. After washing probiotics entirely covered and removed fat from the floor. Proportion is 7 g per water bucket (7-10 l) i.e. 0,3 %.

Hereafter strong solution of washing probiotics should be spread only on badly fouled ground and leave for 1-5 min, then to take dirt with sponge rinsing out it in clear water bucket. Other places could be clean with the same water bucket.

In order to clean tables and furniture you should fill in a sprayer with proportion of 30 g per 1l of warm water.

The same proportion should be used for the hygiene equipment. Exposure time 30 minutes and to clean is as always.

In order to clean wash-stand or bib tap it is necessary to leave a solution of washing probiotics for 10 minutes, but do not let to dry out. In case of complex contamination the best of all would be to polish with brush, then to wash.

Care of leathers, saloons: to apply a solution on the most complex contamination, to leave for some time, then to rinse out a sponge in water bucket. Less dirty places could be clean with the water in the same bucket.

Machine washable of bedclothes (especially for contagious patients, highly allergic individuals or children): 30g of washing probiotics for one wash at a temperature of not above 55 degrees. In the process of hand wash: to soak the washing in warm water for 1 hour, adding 1% of washing probiotics, to rumble, to scour in case of complex contaminations and then to rinse out. There is not need for washing powder..

Leftovers are recommended to pour out in sewerage system for positive bacteria colonization.



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