First product line


Fail-safe dirt separators

Products correspond to Professional Washing Products Category of New Generation.

The base of the product is patented and is harmless for the things being washed, human(living tissues) and environment.



Humanity used chemical solvents for dirt dissolution maintenance after what it was moved away (or brushed off, swept away, blew off etc.).

It is known that all agents are dissolving when they get into alkali and almost 80% of them undergo a chemical reaction with mercapturic acids.

Scale of washing solving activity gives graphical model of opportunities of one or another cleaning product.

Acids with PH values < 3 dangerous and demand professional approach. Alkaline solvents with PH > 9 are very dangerous, too. All the things that we use everyday correspond to middle part of this scale, but they clean very badly.

It is obvious that one of washing products advantages is visual operation speed, however, there is a contradiction: the better a product cleans (reacts with mud) the more dangerous it is. It damages skim off. Therefore, fast surface destruction always took place in professional cleaning, especially taking into account cleaning process cyclicity. Besides, the dirt itself does not present in the form of one chemical agent, it is always the mix of different organic and inorganic substances. Consequently, it is practically impossible to choose one solvent that could be very effective for cleaning all components of the dirt.

That is why we created new product that that does not react with other agents, but does cleaning by means of separation of the dirt from any surface. At that there is no chemical reaction. We use both effective penetration of the product and cationic activity in order to separate the dirt.

General properties of the product:

1. Strong penetration (intermolecular) capability
2. Strong separation capability
3. Static’s removal (it is positive from the point of view of separation and further dirt accumulation)
4. Smells nature removal (not masking as in case of deodorants)
5. Products represent water solution of organic salt and lose washing activity very slowly (in comparison with solvents). Products are other than alkali or acid, they even could be mechanically compound with them.


1. Having high washing activity, it has desinfecting ptoperties
2. Non-combustible (water solution)
3. Stable at temperature from -4°С to +200°С, after defrosting does not lose its properties
4. Absolutely safe for nature and human, 85% biodegradable in nature (SAPROMAT test for 28 days)
5. Ecologically safe, in any concentration is accepted for discharge into sewer

Unique qualities of the products allow to create a great number of cleaning technologies, especially in professional sphere.

There are cleaning technologies for aircrafts, industrial equipment, food products and everyday products, cooling installations and heating up. On the base of alkaline activity of the product (PH 10.5 – 13.5!)

The product on the base of organic salts that has great acid activity can take out salt deposits (tartar, urolith, different salt outgrowth) and corrosion. This product doest not appear to acid (PH 0 – 0.5!). The product is absolutely harmless and effective.

Some technologies on the base of these products are unique:

■ Odour removal of mercaptan in natural gas industry
■  Container cleaning from petroleum deposits
■  Heat transfer devices and heating facilities cleaning
■  Aircrafts and military equipment cleaning
■  Cleaning in ultrasonic baths
■  Delicate surfaces cleaning from tobacco resins
■  Removal from glue, chewing gums etc.

Exactly safety aspects of principially new cleaner have let to successfully combine it with microbiological and fermental cleaners, this creates a unique option of simultaneous separation of non-organic contaminations and running cleaning (processing) of organic dirt, but addition of positive bacteria into compound caused creation of controlled non-pathogenic cleaning of surface - recovery of Microbiological balance.



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