Meat and fish processing plants

We offer the newest professional technologies of cleaning and disinfection of equipment and industrial areas in food enterprises with the use of washing agents of own production. With extreme numbers of pH (12-14 and 0,2-,05) washing agents offered by our enterprise are neither alkali nor acid, do not contain alcohol, phosphates, acids. Washing agents are safe for all types of surfaces, fabrics (including clothes), skin, airways, are ecologically safe.

Standard series of professional washing agents have the following possibilities:

1. High quality of cleaning and disinfection, with maximum safety.
2. Good antistatic properties, after washing of packaging equipment grease well slides by guides (often does not require usage of additional processing for improving sliding).
3. Unique properties of washing agents let to run the process of cleaning and degreasing in the refrigerator with ready production, in the rooms for storing raw materials without taking out the production, that lowers common labour expenses and reduces the time of process of production.
4. Usage of products and their further pouring into sewage simultaneously cleans draining systems and sewages, removes unpleasant odours and grease corks.

We have a unique, patented bio technology of cleaning of organic contaminations and a possibility of control of development of pathogenic micro flora (including with fungi and mould), using safe (instead of disinfectants) washing probiotics, which are used for cleaning and disinfection of industrial premises and equipment in food enterprises. A series of professional microbiological products have the following options and advantages:

1. At the expense of safety of technology and simplicity of use of „BIORAIN” products reaches high quality of cleaning and disinfection, regardless of qualification and scrupulousness of personnel.

2. Usage of „BIORAIN” products leads to real increase of duration of keeping raw stock, semi-products and ready products, but in general, to increase of realisation terms of production. Result is achieved at the expense of strong lowering of pathogenic micro flora in the enterprise and stabilization of positive micro environment

3. Unique properties of „BIORAIN” products let to run the process of cleaning and disinfection in refrigerator cameras with ready-to use production, with cameras with raw-stock and semi-products without withdrawal of production. All washing cycle is done with the use of only one washing compound, which leads to lowering of common labour expenses and reduction of time for cleaning.

4. Effective fight with raising humidity in the cameras of maturation, with fungi and mould, in the room itself, and on the products.

5. Usage of „BIORAIN” products with the following draining into sewage facilitates simultaneous cleaning of draining system of enterprise, and also starts the process of natural decomposition of organics, forming correct micro flora, and as a result removing unpleasant odours and grease corks.



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