Microbiological products

Bio Active

(contain 5 types of positive bacteria)

a.) Microbiological product (cleans at the expense of bacteria activity)
b.) Microbiological cleaning product (non chemical separators, enzymes, bacteria)

The life on Earth is impossible without bacteria. They participate in the most important processes as digestion and waste utilization. Bacteria are dividend into probiotic – good, pathogenic – bad and neutral. During processing pathogens produce toxins (our organism perceives it as a foul smell) which provoke allergic reactions and immune resistance lowering. Pathogen itself could be the cause of devastating diseases and is transmitting virus agent. It is already known that the usage of disinfectants and antibiotics leads to pathogenic bacteria sport (they appear to be more dangerous are do not perceive disinfectants and antibiotics). New pathogens appear and neutral bacteria become pathogenic. Therefore, it is very necessary to think about the importance of Microbiological Balance revival. Products that contain probiotic bacteria (bifidus and lactic acid bacillus) appeared. Everywhere is balance. The growth of pathogens is controlled by probiotics. Disinfectants kill the flora. However, if there is dirt in the surface that is the food for bacteria, pathogens proliferate more faster that probiotics and re-establish their number already after 3 hours, do not giving any possibility to probiotics to proliferate, too. The balance became worse than before cleaning - to the benefit of Pathogens.

As a result the more people use disinfectants and antibiotics, the worse is the situation!

It is something similar to ‘Armaments Drive’ (for the further and further cleaning it is necessary to use more and more potent remedies) where people had already lost (sport takes place more faster than the development of new disinfectants and antibiotics that are becoming more and more aggressive and dangerous for the human and animal lives). It became a real problem!

In nature cleaning process happens due to water separation from the dirt and bacteria retreatment. This principle forms the basis of the unique product - Washing Probiotic. It is made up of ecologically friendly washing substance (which separate dirt from the surface), enzymes and probiotics bacteria (which reprocess organic dirt). The usage of this product revive Microbiological balance, healthily influence on immune system, reduces the risk of fall sick. Allergies and diseases are the result of some causes: stress, crank immune system and a big quantity of Pathogenic bacteria and other human wastes.

First base for the application (in the beginning of 2005) defined good opportunities for the cleaning and disinfection in all spheres of life-sustaining activities and manufacturing (primarily for medicine, animal husbandry and food industry).

Cleaning process with Washing Probiotic is divided into 2 stages:

1. Washing-cleaning (usual washing) and 2. Bacteria work after the cleaning

1.) Intensive dirt separation happens during usual washing process, enzymes immediately start to clean pinholes of the surfaces, in its turn bacterium begin to give off ‘its’ enzymes for organic dirt that should be taken away. Due to this phenomenal cleaning ability of the product can be explained.

2.) After 5-6 hours (according to external conditions) probiotics ‘come out’ from the pinholes and colonize the surface, and the second stage of the cleaning takes place. It longs for 3 days. They utilize the surface and push out pathogenic bacteria, taking food (dirt) and dampness from them. In addition they maintain unhazardous pathogenic bacteria quantity both for human and environment. After some appear small amount of positive bacteria which do not allow to germ any negative bacteria. Absolute result of ‘disinfection’ is achieved.



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