Confirmation of high level of efficiency and safety for material of our Products are certificates for usage in external and internal cleaning of aircrafts, issued by the leading avia constructing companies of the world (Boeing, Douglas Aircraft Company and Scientific Centre for Support of Airworthiness of State Research Institute of Civil Aviation.

BIORAIN products are belong to professional, but the products themselves are safe for materials and ecology, herewith they greatly cope with all contaminations on aircrafts.

It is worth to point the usage of aggressive components has negative impact on corrosion and destruction of materials, and as a result on safety of flights.

Using unique non-aggressive washing base we managed to create the only in the world washing agents with the use of probiotical bacteria, which let to achieve lowering till minimal amount of aggressive pathogenic flora. That prevents distribution of diseases and viruses. It is necessary in airports and in aircrafts, where the risk of transferring diseases among passengers and transferring diseases from different parts of the world is high.

Main properties of products:

  • They have high cleaning and degreasing ability
  • They remove static charge, facilitating separation and preventing accumulation of contamination
  • They facilitate saving of fuel till 2,5%
  • They are safe for brake systems of aircraft
  • They are safe for all materials: metals, wood, resin, plastics, fabrics, lacquers, colours
  • They irretrievably remove natural, industrial and household odours
  • They do not spoil the environment, are biodegradable
  • They are not toxic, safe for people and do not cause allergic reaction
  • They are not combustible and non-explosive, are easily transported and stored
  • They do not emit harmful substances when heated
  • They have disinfecting effect
  • They penetrate well into hard-to-reach places

Usage of products of the Third line lets:

  • Remove odours caused by organic contaminations
  • Effectively disinfect surfaces and air space of aircraft
  • Keep control of microbiological environment for 24 hours a day, preventing transfer of infectious diseases

Main products (of the first product line) for Aviation

  • Cleaner ACI/DG – Ready to use product.
  • Degreaser-cleaner for internal surfaces of aviation equipment.
    It is used for cleaning from greasing engine, junctions; in the baths for degreasing, in washing installations and manually, in the form of aerosol.
  • It is used for washing oxygen and hydraulic main roads. It cleans filters from nicotinic deposits, breathing valves etc.
  • AC/CP – product-concentrate for any internal and external surfaces of aircrafts, but also for hot cleaning of fuel containers. It cleans plastic covering, chairs, carpet covering etc. in the cabin.
  • It contains corrosion inhibitor.
  • ACSG – concentrated cleaner in the form of gel. It does not dry for a long time and well holds on any surfaces. It serves for external cleaning of aviation equipment. It is used in the form of foam. It contains corrosion inhibitor.



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